Statement on SB 6 Veto

This afternoon, Gov. Crist officially announced that he would veto SB 6/HB 7189,  a bill which Marions United for Public Education fought vigorously. Nancy Noonan, President of Marions United for Public Education, released the following statement on Gov. Crist's veto:

"Gov. Crist's veto of SB 6 is a major victory for teachers, parents, students, and our public education system. Gov. Crist, unlike the legislature, listened to the people of Florida, heard their concerns, and did the right thing. We commend his political courage and his willingness to buck partisan party politics to do what is right for the people of Florida.

"Today's victory also demonstrates the tremendous power of grassroots democracy. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Marion County citizens called, emailed, or faxed their legislators and Gov. Crist, urging them to defeat SB 6. Our voices were heard because we, as teachers, parents, students, and concerned citizens, stood united for strong and effective public education.

"Finally, there is more work to be done. The Florida legislature continues to try and cut funding from our schools, and is looking to pass bills which will undermine public education. We will be watching. The SB 6 debate has demonstrated that Marion County and Florida will fight hard to protect our schools and make them stronger and more effective."

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