Announcing Our School Funding Referendum Scorecard

Where do candidates for school board stand on the issue of Marion County's critical school funding referendum? We wanted to provide voters a comprehensive overview of where candidates stood on this important issue and why. We're proud to announce our School Funding Referendum Scorecard.

Marion County's school funding referendum is one of the biggest decisions our community will make this year. Are we going to start seriously funding reading, art, music, libraries, physical education, and vocational programs? Are we going to make a serious commitment to reducing class size and providing our teachers with the support they need? These are questions that could be answered with an emphatic "Yes!" if Marion County voters pass the school funding referendum this year.

It matters where school board candidates stand on this issue. In our view, this issue helps voters grasp how well candidates understand the needs of our students and teachers, the reality of the budget situation our schools face, and what their priorities are.

In our scorecard, we provide an overview of what the school funding referendum is; where Marions United stands on the issue; and finally which candidates were for, against, and undecided on the referendum and why.

Be sure to check it out our School Funding Referendum Scorecard today, and then share it with your local friends and family.

The first round of school board elections will take place on Tuesday, August 26th in the primary election. In school board races where no candidate receives a majority of the vote in August, a runoff will take place in the general election on Tuesday, November 4th. Marion County's school funding referendum will also be voted on in November's general election.

Note: To check your voter registration status, early voting and mail in ballot information, and more, go to or call 620-3290.

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