Restoring Art and Music Education

We have a big opportunity to restore full-time art and music education to Marion County in the next few weeks. A modest increase in investment to our public schools this year by the Florida Legislature would restore full-time art and music teachers starting next school year. We're close, but we need your help.

Sign our petition to Marion County's representatives in Tallahassee and urge them to restore lost investment to our public schools.

Deep, irresponsible cuts by the state legislature since 2007 have hurt our public schools and our community. Few programs have suffered more than art, music, and media specialists. Currently, 17 educators are forced to share schools, shortchanging a well-rounded education for Marion County's children. That's absolutely unacceptable, and the public has been making its displeasure known to school leaders.

Responding to public pressure, Superintendent of Schools George Tomyn included in the school district's staffing plan for next year a restoration of full-time art and music teachers to each school. This is very welcome news, but it all hinges on whether or not the Florida Legislature comes through with a small increase in investment towards our public schools. We need to let our representatives and senators know we want to restore lost investment in our schools and bring back full time art and music education to our community.

Sign our petition to Marion County's legislative delegation and tell them to restore art, music, and lost investment in our schools.

Let's be clear: there's a lot more work to do simply to ensure investment in our schools is restored to 2007 levels, before deep cuts were made. This is only a small first step towards that critical goal.

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