Marions United Part Of A Wider, Spontaneous Statewide Movement

Bud Chiles, son of the late Governor "Walkin' Lawton" Chiles (who we walked with two weeks ago), mentioned us in an editorial in TC Palm a newspaper on Florida's treasure coast. He was discussing our state's embarrasingly low high school graduation rates.

Here's how we we're mentioned:

To some, this continuing pullback of state support for education seems like class warfare, especially to the families and communities that are and will be losing their schools — the hearts and souls of their neighborhoods. I’ve seen groups of parents and community leaders spontaneously forming around the state to speak out for education change — groups like Fund Education Now, Marions United For Public Education, and 50th No More. People in Florida are fed up.

This is all correct. Marions United, despite being originally a project of Progress Florida, has been led entirely by local grassroots leadership. We, like Fund Education Now, were a grassroots response to the planned deep budget cuts imposed on local districts by practically non-existent leadership in the Florida legislature.

Being a local grassroots group, dependent on people like you, rather than a pawn of shadowy special interest groups or private foundations, is our greatest strength. We're really glad people like Bud Chiles recognize this.

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