Give Special Needs Students an "F" Grade? Take Action!

The Florida Board of Education is proposing a new rule that would grade Exceptional Student (ESE) and English Language Learner (ELL) students the same as other public school students. Common sense would say that's an unreasonable and unfair rule to impose.

Marions United for Public Education has signed on to a joint statement with Fund Education Now, the Florida PTA, and other local pro-public education groups to oppose this new rule change. From our release:

It is unfair and unreasonable for the FL DOE to demand that ESE and ELL students make identical progress on standardized tests as others not facing the same challenges. Current research shows ELL students require much longer than a year to be proficient in Reading. This new rule simply sets these students up for failure.

We urge the Board of Education to adopt a more reasonable plan that serves the best interests of all children.

We strongly encourage you to take action on this issue as the Board of Education will be voting on this new rule Tuesday, February 28th. Click here to write a letter to the Board and urge them to reject this rule.

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