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Earlier this week on Tuesday, the 2010 general election took place. On the ballot were all major statewide offices in Florida, in addition to all state house seats and half of all state senate seats as well as local school board seats. Finally, a handful of key ballot measures relating to public education were also on the ballot.

Here are the results of races that had particular impact on public education here in Marion County:

Governor of Florida

Rick Scott (R): 48.87%
Alex Sink (D): 47.71%

Amendment 5*
Standards for Legislative Redistricting

Yes: 62.59%
No: 37.41%

Amendment 6*
Standards for Congressional Redistricting

Yes: 62.92%
No: 37.08%

Amendment 8*
Revision of Class Size Requirements

No: 45.51%
Yes: 54.49%

State Senate, District 14

Steve Oelrich (R): 53.83%
Perry McGriff (D): 46.17%

State House, District 22

Keith Perry (R): 60.69%
Jon Paugh (D): 39.31%

State House, District 24

Dennis Baxley (R): 64.43%
Michael Hageloh (D): 35.57%

School Board, District 4

Angie Boynton (NPA): 55.97%
Tom Patrick (NPA): 44.03%

School Board, District 5

Ron Crawford (NPA): 50.84%
Sharon Hagen (NPA): 49.16%

For more statewide results click here to go to the Florida Secretary of State's Florida Election Watch page. For more local results, click here to go to the Marion County Supervisor of Elections results page.

*Note: Florida constitutional amendments require 60% approval to be ratified.

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