Call To Stop The Parent Trigger

The parent trigger is coming up for a vote today in the Florida Senate. If you haven't already, can you make a quick call to your senator and tell them to vote NO on SB 862? This bill opens the door for private charter management companies to take over "failing" public schools who actually need resources and assistance.

Call your state senator today. It only takes a minute, and all you essentially have to say is "Hello, this is ___ and I'm a constituent of Sen. ____ and I'd like to urge him/her to vote no on the parent trigger, SB 862."

North, East, and North Central Marion
Sen. Dorothy Hukill
(850) 487-5008
Sen. Hukill is a new senator and needs to hear from her constituents on this issue.

South and South Central Marion
Sen. Alan Hays
(850) 487-5011
Sen. Hays stood with us and voted against the parent trigger last year, but he still needs to hear from you.

West Marion
Sen. Charlie Dean
(850) 487-5005
Sen. Dean stood with us and voted against the parent trigger last year, but he still needs to hear from you.

The best policies for our public schools involve bringing teachers, parents, and the community together in collaboration to address problems and ensure all children have the opportunity to succeed. Where it's currently law in California, the trigger has only proven one thing: it sows chaos and discord among parents in communities where they should be coming together.

Furthermore, Florida parents are not asking for this legislation. The Florida PTA, along with grassroots parent organizations throughout the state oppose the trigger because of its ineffectiveness and divisiveness. The only major forces behind such a move are corporate foundations and front groups backed by for-profit charter companies. This is not how Florida should make education policy, and it shouldn't ignore the voices of tens of thousands of emails and phone calls from parents urging a no vote on SB 862.

Last year, thanks to pressure from Marions United supporters and people throughout Florida, the parent trigger was voted down. The Florida Senate needs to do the same again this year.

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