About Marions United For Public Education

Marions United for Public Education is a group of teachers, parents, students, and regular citizens who are fighting for a stronger and more effective public education system. We seek to use our citizen-driven grassroots coalition to advocate for adequate funding of public schools, small class sizes, and a safe, healthy learning environment for the children of Marion County.

We use online as well as offline actions to make our voices heard.

Our Goals

  • Build a countywide grassroots coalition of parents, teachers, students, and concerned citizens to fight for strong and effective public education.
  • Work to attain adequate funding for Marion County Public Schools, so our educators can do their jobs, and our school system can innovate to find the best ways to help our children learn.
  • Ensure small class sizes and a healthy learning environment so every child can achieve their full potential.
  • Fight for essential electives such as art, music, and PE in addition to essential classes such as history and civics to form a balanced curriculum that is not solely dictated by standardized tests.
  • Advocate for the development of community schools which use existing school infrastructure to provide essential services and after school programs for students and parents, which boosts participation and lowers dropout rates.
  • Support vocational schools and training for students not planning to go to college while also supporting advanced placement courses and resources to help more students gain admission to college.
  • Educate Marion County citizens on important issues facing public education and connect policymakers and thinkers to voters and taxpayers.

Board Of Directors

Helen Hamel, President
Fred Thrower, Treasurer
Patti Barnett, Secretary
Claire Lancaster, Board Member At-Large

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