A Victory For Our Special Needs Students

A big thank you to all who wrote in to the Florida Board of Education since last Friday, when we told you about a proposed rule that would grade Special Needs schools the same as regular public schools. Almost 150 of you sent a grand total of more than 1,100 emails to the Board, and it made a big difference.

From our email which we sent out today:

As a direct result of the public outcry on behalf of our Special Needs students from across the state, Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson eliminated the key rule change we opposed - grading Special Education Center Schools, such as Hillcrest School in Ocala.Board vice chairman Roberto Martinez said he wants the state to move more slowly, particularly when dealing with students with disabilities. He has called for a month to look for solutions that are "more friendly" to students and families. Will this mark the beginning of a more reasonable approach towards measuring the progress of our students with Special Needs in Florida? We certainly hope so and we'll be watching as we celebrate this victory for our Special Needs students.

As always, there's more work to do and much to keep an eye on. Nonetheless, thanks to all of you who took action and stopped this particularly harmful rule!

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