Delphine Herbert

Tell The School Board: It's Time To Invest In Our Schools

The Marion County School Board has some tough decisions to make this year, but it's time they also focus on the big picture. Our students, teachers, and community can't afford more cuts, layoffs, furloughs, and permanent substitutes year after year.

Now is the time for our school board to show serious leadership and work for a long-term solution that increases our community's investment in our students. Sign the petition to the school board below, and then urge your friends and family to sign too.

484 signatures

We urge you, as the Marion County School Board, to develop a long-term plan that increases our community's investment in our students, our teachers, and our schools.

Our community deserves better than year after year of cuts, layoffs, furloughs, and permanent substitutes. These actions have damaged the quality of education our students receive. It's time we have a school budget that puts the needs of our students first.

Restore Art, Music, and Lost Investment In Our Schools

We have a unique opportunity this year to ensure our public schools begin to truly heal from the destructive cuts dealt to them by the Florida Legislature since 2007.

The staffing plan for Marion County Public Schools restores full time art and music teachers next year...if the legislature can make the small investment required this year. Sign our petition to Marion County's legislative delegation and demand a restoration of investment in our public schools.

139 signatures

We the undersigned urge you as Marion County's representatives in Tallahassee to restore investment in our local public schools. Since 2007, our community has lost more than $50 million, threatening art, music, libraries, reading coaches, tutoring, after school programs and more.

Florida's new budget surplus, in addition to unclosed tax exemptions and loopholes, provide you with another opportunity to do the right thing by our community and our public schools. Just a small investment this year alone will allow Marion County Public Schools to restore full time art and music teachers to our schools.

It's time to move forward make a renewed investment in Marion County's future.